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  • Global Campus Visual Contest 4th Edition

    Posted 1 March 2018

    Today is celebrated the Zero Discrimination Day and the Global Campus of Human Rights is launching the fourth edition of the Global Campus Visual Contest – a great initiative to promote diversity and inclusion. The contest is open to photographers and video-makers, professionals and amateurs, from any part of the world. Submissions will be accepted from today until May, 4th 2018. More information:

  • New GCA & E.MAlumni Secretary General

    New GCA & E.MAlumni Secretary General

    Posted 13 November 2017

    After Sara Pastor and Moana Genevey, who for the past year co-shared the Secretary General position and who are now starting new professional adventures, the E.MA alumna Carla Miranda is taking the position over as of 14 November 2017. About Carla: Carla has a legal background and is specialized in Human Rights and Humanitarian Aid. Before leaving Rio de Janeiro, Brazil she used to work as a refugee lawyer and human rights activist. Driven by human connections and hands-on work, Carla has been collaborating with several grassroots organizations all over the world. Her areas of expertise are refugee protection and migrants’ rights. She is also involved in initiatives related to gender equality and environmental protection. Carla graduated from E.MA in 2015, but her first adventure in Venice was in 2013 when she joined the Summer School of Human Rights: “I still remember Lydia taking the floor to talk about E.MA, the (back then) young E.MAlumni Association and the great network we were…

  • Connecting across the Global Campus – GCA Gathering in Leuven, Belgium

    Connecting across the Global Campus – GCA Gathering in Leuven, Belgium

    Posted 15 May 2017

    (Text written by Kersty McCourt, GCA board member) At the end of April we had the chance to meet with all the new Global Campus Representatives alongside the AHRI conference in Leuven. It was inspiring to meet fellow alumni – and whilst we don’t share the Lido experience – there is a strong and vibrant connection that stems from our similar experiences. To catch a glimpse of our meetings and hear from the GCA reps have a look at a short video made by Adebayo Okeowo – one of the GCA board members from the University of Pretoria. Adebayo was able to capture the spirit of the meeting and we’re happy to be able to share it with you – and inspire everyone to build links with fellow alumni across the GCA. We organized a series of events in Leuven: – A panel discussion at the AHRI conference ‘Between Law and Justice: A Critical Perspective on the Role of Courts in Realising Rights’ drawing on the practical and academic experience of alumni from Venice, Sarajevo and Pretoria: – A roundtable…

  • The GCA at the FRAME conference!

    Posted 10 April 2017

    For the first time since its creation, Global Campus Alumni is presenting a panel of Alumni at a high level conference on human rights: the AHRI/FRAME conference. On Friday 28 April at the Irish College of Leuven (Belgium), from 9:00 to 10:30, 6 Alumni will present: Between Law and Justice: A Critical Perspective on the Role of Courts in Realising Rights. This pratice-oriented panel will be organised as a dynamic Q&A session, and gather: Aarif Abraham (ERMA) Seun Bakare (HRDA) Isabelle Tschan (E.MAlumni) Elaine Webster (E.MAlumni) Discussant: Laura Van den Eynde (E.MAlumni) Moderator: Kersty McCourt (E.MAlumni) If you want to take part in the AHRI/FRAME conference, which takes place during 2 days, you can register here At 4 PM, on the afternoon, the Global Campus Alumni network is also organising a roundtable at the Irish College of Leuven. The goal will be to discuss current human rights challenges and how our Alumni community can aswer them, with Pr Manfred Nowak and the…

  • Career Day in Venice!

    Posted 1 February 2017

    The E.MAlumni Association organised the Career Day for current E.MA students. Four experienced E.MA alumni run sessions on the UN and EU job system, NGOs, academia, and other human rights career paths. Moreover, the students were also briefed on what the E.MAlumni association and the Global Campus Alumni can do for them once they graduate (mentoring, career coaching, networking). The purpose? To provide the students with good career tips so that they are better prepared to start their job search after their studies. This way, the E.MAlumni Association and the Global Campus Alumni keep fostering exchange and solidarity among the E.MA community!

  • Message for 2017 by the E.MAlumni President

    Posted 27 December 2016

    Dear fellow alumnae and alumni, This past year has not been the most accommodating for making adherence to human rights principles a reality and there seem to be (many) further challenges on the horizon. We have seen hundreds of thousands of people seeking safe haven, with many more remaining in their conflict shaken regions of origin. We have witnessed increasing funding problems for – and restrictions of – civil society organisations. The political developments in the US presidential elections and Brexit alarmingly point towards a worrying shift in public opinion towards right-wing and populist movements; whose actors are vocal, seemingly very able to bring their ‘message’ across and to successfully communicate ideas which are so very far removed from the values underpinning human rights, rule of law and democracy. It is clear that these right-wing and populist interest groups are well-organised in conveying their message, protective of their space in society, and successful in…

  • Call For Facilitators – EMA Career Day 2017

    Posted 27 December 2016

    Would you like to share your career path with young and motivated human rights advocates and help EMA students develop their perspective careers? The E.MA Programme is once again offering an exciting opportunity for several E.MAlumni to return to the Lido to facilitate the annual EIUC/E.MAlumni Career Day. Career Day will take place on Friday, 27 January 2016 and focuses on providing current Masterini with guidance on potential career opportunities and professional advice in the field of human rights and democracy. The event is jointly organised by the EIUC and the E.MAlumni Association. For more information check the Call for Facilitators here.

  • New Secretaries General on board!

    Posted 7 December 2016

    Moana Genevey and Sara Pastor are the new Secretaries General of the GCA and E.MAlumni. They are both Alumni from the E.MA 2014/2015 year, and have previously worked together in a number of initiatives and awareness-raising campaigns. They will now share tasks and responsibilities as part-time Secretaries General, and together with GCA and E.MAlumni board members will help to unleash the full potential of our human rights network. If you have any question or enquiry, do not hesitate to send an email at Sara and Moana will be happy to answer your GCA-related concerns.

  • FRAME Academic Paper Competition

    Posted 14 July 2016

    The European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratization (EIUC) together with the FRAME research project offers two awards for academic papers within the area of Work Package 14 focusing on the EU human and fundamental rights ‘Policy toolbox’. The FRAME will present a cash award of 1000 Euros to the winners of the competition who will be selected by the Competition Board composed of EIUC and FRAME representatives with the view of publishing their work in the European Yearbook on Human Rights. More Information Deadline: 1st December 2016

  • ERMA 2016/17 Call for Applications is out!

    Posted 14 July 2016

    ERMA (European Regional Master`s Programme in Democracy and Human Rights in South East Europe) call for applications is out! Please disseminate the call! ERMA is a full time, interdisciplinary program focused on the development of democracy and human rights in South East Europe. It is a joint initiative by University of Sarajevo, Center for Interdisciplinary Studies and University of Bologna-Forli’ Campus, Institute for Central-Eastern and Balkan Europe, jointly co-financed since 2000/01 by the European Commission through the EIUC (European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratization) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy via the Embassy of the Republic of Italy to Bosnia and Herzegovina. The program lasts for one year, awarding the students with 60 ECTS and a double degree diploma of both universities (UNSA and UNIBO). Application form Deadline: 10 September 2016

  • E.MAlumni: Looking for English – French translators

    Posted 30 June 2016

    We are looking for English-French translators in order to translate our new Statute from English to French to start the registration process of the E.MAlumni Association in Brussels! If you know of anyone, please contact the Secretary General, Anna Widegren

  • EDD – European Development Days are happening right now!

    Posted 16 June 2016

    European Development Days: Europe’s leading forum on development since 2006 At EDD 2016, young people from around the world will join the debate about development policy and international cooperation. The EDDs bring the development community together each year to share ideas and experiences in ways that inspire new partnerships and innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. For its tenth anniversary, EDD 2016 will focus on the ‘2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development’, making it one of the very first major conferences dedicated to the issue. Are you there? Want to meet up with other GCA Alumni or E.MAlumni that are there? Post in the facebook groups of E.MAlumni and Brussels E.MAlumni.

  • Curious about the candidates for the E.MAlumni Association Board elections?

    Posted 26 May 2016

    You can read each of their campaigns here. Don’t forget to vote – the polls close at 23:59 on 29 May 2016 (CET). Just click here to go to the voting page. But remember – only active members can vote! Become and Active Member now!

  • Why should we move the E.MAlumni Association to Brussels?

    Posted 26 May 2016

    and why is YOUR VOTE so important? This year, the Board would like to submit to your decision again the very important question of moving the legal seat of the Association to Brussels. This proposal was submitted already at the 2015 General Assembly – and out of the active members who voted a vast majority voted in favour of the move. However, in order for such a decision to take effect we need to reach a 75% quorum of the active members (and only 67% of active members took part in the 2015 General Assembly) and therefore the very high quorum needed for the dissolution of the Association in Italy was missed by a handful of votes. For these reasons, we believe that it is worth trying again. The advantages of moving to Brussels are many: a stronger legal status that allows the Association, among other things, to hire staff (which is vital for the position of the Secretary General), full legal personality and capacity to manage funds, immediate presence in one of Europe’s most important…

  • Your VOTE counts! Take part in the Online E.MAlumni General Assembly!

    Posted 26 May 2016

    VOTE and help us move the E.MAlumni Association to Brussels – because… * this will enable us to employ staff, which is vital for the daily running of the association; * this will enable us to have a bank account, which also is fairly essential these days 😉 ; * this will make fundraising so much easier and realistically possible; WE need 75% of the total of active members to vote in favour to be able to make this happen. VOTE – SHARE – INVITE – and let’s MOVE!!! Voting closes on 29 May at 23:59 (CET) – don’t miss your chance! Click here for the voting page of the General Assembly – only active members can vote, so become and active member now! Click here for more information about the General Assembly!

  • E.MAlumni General Assembly facebook event!

    Posted 26 May 2016

    Did you see the facebook event of the E.MAlumni Association General Assembly!?! Join it and take part in the discussions on social media!