The E.MAlumni Association represents Europe’s leading body of human rights practitioners, activists, and defenders. The E.MAlumni Association gathers the graduates and students of the European Master’s Degree in Human Rights and Democratisation (E.MA), based in Venice, Italy and composed of 42 Participating Universities. It is also the founding association under the Global Campus Alumni umbrella and it coordinates the network.

The E.MA gave me an opportunity to see how the major human rights institutions work up close. I went on to work at the Council of Europe and now work with the UN, two of the institutions that impressed me most. Venice remains a very special place for me having met my future husband and made lasting friendships there. 

Sophie Magennis (E.MA graduate1997-98) Head of Office, UNHCR Ireland 

General Assembly 20-29 May 2016 – Results

The polls are now closed. Thank you to everyone for voting and participating. 

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